Who is Salma Mehjabeen?

Fashion designer Salma Mehjabeen in picture

I am the fashion designer/head of atelier at Effa Fashion, Dubai. Prior to which I was hired as the designer for FashionTV eyewear (DUBAI) directly after graduation in B.A Fashion Design from Heriot Watt University, Dubai.

Bint Dubai is MY rebellion against all those lousy designers who are responsible for the pathetic situation of Abaya Fashion today.

Bint Dubai is YOUR one stop destination for everything relating to Abayas from the latest trends to choosing your perfect abayas and here you even get a chance to be a part of the Abaya Revolution.

BINT DUBAI: The Expression of a Vision.


  • My vision: To create stylish Abayas which are influenced by the latest runway trend in fashion
  • My vision: To Reduce the pricing of global Abaya fashion industry by providing luxury class level Abayas at a premium price range.

BintDubai is more a movement than a brand because my vision is to Revolutionize Abaya fashion and trust me this passionate chocolate loving creative soul teamed with her husband who is the other half of Bint Dubai & my life will accomplish it. God Willing.